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10 FREE Valentine’s Day GIFs Your Subscribers Will Love

Time to get all mushy: Our readers and subscribers are the absolute best. To show our appreciation this Valentine’s Day, we wanted to send you each a dozen red roses and a lobster dinner — but, according to our finance department, that would put us out of business. So, instead, we …

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How To Create an Effective Editorial Calendar For Your Blog

An editorial calendar is where you keep track of what you plan to publish, how, where, and why over time. It enables you to think ahead, remember creative ideas, and plan your time wisely. Most people have an editorial calendar of some kind, even if it is only their ideas …

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Useful Community Management Time-Saving Tips: How to Get Things Done!

Nowadays we are all community managers to some extent (many of us own blogs, moderate Google Plus communities, participate in Facebook groups, etc.) We interact with our readers daily trying to learn from them, we tweet to our mentors, we collect feedback, help to promote our friends’ posts while sharing …

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